Leather Academy

by Leather Academy

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released August 21, 2010



all rights reserved


Leather Academy Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: In Water
I was out
On the day you lost your words
I was locked to other chains
You said you don't like noise
And people they just speak too much
Cause being in water, being in water is what you want.

There's a proper way to live among us
There's a certain price to pay when you're attached
and want to let it go
Your smile is just a pain
To hide everything inside
Cause being in water, being in water is what you want.

Stop the noise, stop the noise...
Track Name: Dark Windows
I look up
Dark things happen behind dark windows
But I don't need to tell you
You know all about it don't you
Cause you were there
More than once
You were there
And you enjoyed it.
Soul murderer, aren't you the soul murderer?

Were you having a bad day?
Had to subject a creature less fortunate than you?
Tell yourself "They chose it"
Oh, they chose it
-but do you even believe yourself?
Soul murderer, aren't you the soul murderer...
But would you recognize Hypocrisy if it sat on your neck?
Would you recognize exploitation if it was written on your hand?

Oh burn him...burn him...the murderer...
Track Name: Of Dead Hearts and Consciences
Summer days have come back to town
But under the ground hiding a big shame
But the shell was not sheilding much
And the first one to touch
Blows it to pieces
He said: I am not to blame,
She was dead when I found her,
It was just an illusion of life
Just an illusion of a life,
Now I know and I'm gone.

Their dreams have spilled on our pillow
We looked into their backs and then decided:
We must not be sad
They must not be happy
They must not be sad
On our happy day.
Track Name: Found
They cannot look me in the eyes
Cause I am troubles in disguise
Now am I standing in your way?
Can't you just walk through me instead?
I'm on the Lost & Found
On the lost and found.

A human touch- is the beating hand
A human love- is so quick to fade
Do you ever wish that we were dead?
Hey, so do we, so go ahead.
I'm on the Lost & Found
On the lost and found
What are you going to find..?
Track Name: 222
How I loath these little worms
Rush to the smell of decay
Crawl to dance upon the blood
From miles away
Always thought that you're more pure than anyone you know
Oh no
Then took a glimpse and wished to die from all the pain you've caused
Oh no
But if you say you lost your way i'll be awaiting you down
Your cries are over.

Ran away back indoors, confused by the lights
But all this silence makes your ears explode
You just wait for the night
Shooting thoughts like dirty feathers slowly falling down
Oh no
Watch the air becomes polluted and your skin turns dry
Oh no
But if you say you lost your way i'll be awaiting you down
(fear is holding you back)
Your cries are over.